LUREDERRA Foundation for Technical and Social Development is a non-profit, private Technological Centre created in June 1999 by the association of several public authorities, financial organizations, R&TD organizations and companies in diverse productive fields, including environment, construction, power generation, consultancy, foodstuff production and others, totalling more than 20 independent entities. LUREDERRA performs activities of Research & Technological Development on behalf of the industries and other economical agents within its sphere of influence, followed by implementation of the innovations developed at their production sites.

 LUREDERRA will participate in both the development of the cathode materials as well as the up scaling of the manufacturing process. LUREDERRA has a wide experience in the synthesis of nanooxides as well as in the optimization of different aspects, such as gases flow rates, incorporation of cooling systems; from the synthesis method in order to achieve small sizes. As a result of the studies, LUREDERRA has recently produced nanooxides with sizes below 20nm, even lower that 10nm. The main R&TD fields where LUREDERRA is active are:

Nanoparticles: This field involves not only the manufacturing of simple and complex nanooxides with small sizes and high purity, but also the physical- chemical treatment of mineral nanoparticles for its subsequent used in polymeric materials and elastomeric, as well as the development of innovative industrial products based on nanoparticles, both synthetic and natural.

Fine chemistry: The present field is based on the synthesis of special organic functional chemicals, such as organic- inorganic coupling agents or intermediates precursors for complex reactions. The Fine Chemistry field also includes an area related with sustainable chemistry, where activities of implementation of the best available techniques, development of high efficient sorbent or manufacturing of plastics using renewable sources are carried out.

LUREDERRA has carried out a large number of projects related to machinery construction and process development in diverse industrial fields, having at the same time a very sound expertise in plastic materials. Furthermore, the facilities of LUREDERRA include an industrial area of 1.500 m2, where the laboratories and pilot-size machinery are located.

LUREDERRA has carried out a large number of projects related to development of new materials, with special incidence in polymer field as well as biotechnology and environment. Despite its youth, the centre is very active in European research, being coordinator of the national project CRAFT, European project COOP-CT2004-508698 “PURILEACH”, COOP-CT2004-018003 “NANORUB”, COOP-CT-2006-032766 ”RECFINMIX” and CP-FP 228885-ADVANCE-FSP, as well as participating in key areas in the European STREP project “FLARETPOL”, NMP-CT-2005-516998; as well as other projects of the 7th Framework Programme such as “SORBENT” FP-SME-232533-2008; “NANOPOLYTOX” FP7-247899NMP-ENV-2009. There is no overlapping between these projects with the STABLE project.

Main tasks attributed: synthesis and characterization of protecting polymer layer for lithium anode and modification of SEI layer (Task 1.1), synthesis and characterization of nanostructured lithium powder and lithium foils (Task 1.3) in WP1; synthesis and optimization of MnO2/Co/C based nano catalysts and carbon nanotube Co3O4 catalysts (Task 2.2) in WP2; investigation and optimization of physical conditions for electrolytes (Task 3.3) in WP3.

Key people involved:

Mr. Claudio Fernandez: The works of LUREDERRA within the project will be the responsibility of Mr. Claudio Fernandez, MSc. Chemistry, General Manager of the organisation for the last eight years, former coordinator of the Materials Division in Gaiker and Responsible for European activities at the Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm. Mr. Fernandez has a deep knowledge in the field of nanoparticles and advanced polymeric materials, and has been coordinating EU RTD projects.

Mr. Luis Martinez: Mr. Martinez I, Mechanical Engineer, currently responsible for the RTD Department in the organisation and be the technical responsible for the present project. Mr. Martinez has already participated in several projects in the field including the European projects COOP-CT2004-018003, NMP-CT-2005-516998 and CP-FP 228885-2, as well as a number of national projects.