The research institute Swerea IVF offers qualified research and consultancy services within the core areas of the manufacturing industry with focus on product, process, and production development. The main mission of Swerea IVF is to create, refine, supply and promptly implement new techniques and new working methods. We offer expert knowledge of materials properties and applications regarding a wide range of materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers and textiles. Swerea IVF has extensive experience of participating in international projects, as well as of initiating and coordinating them. Swerea IVF is a non-profit organisation with 140 skilled and highly educated employees. Swerea IVF is a subsidiary of the Swerea-group, which is a group of Swedish institutes focusing on manufacturing and materials engineering. During the last three years IVF implemented manufacturing of Li-ion battery cathode material by synthesis of LiFePO4 using freeze granulation, a key technology for powder synthesis and processing, and water based tape casting. Polymer processing is a core competence of IVF as well as polymer physics, chemistry and melts rheology. IVF has extensive laboratory facilities for injection moulding, cast film and melt spinning as well as for melt compounding and rheological characterisation. IVF also possesses experts in LCA developed in research projects as well as in direct company assignments.

In the EU project “Monotone” we applied colloidal chemistry and advanced rheology to develop environmentally friendly printing inks for improved quality in the tile industry. In the EU project “Midesire” we developed a laminate material by tape casting, developed for flow control parts in continuous casting of steel. National project 2009-2010 on development and manufacturing of LiFePO4 water based cathode films by tape casting. EU project FP6-COOP-CT–2004-513045 “Stepwise EPD”, 2005-2006, developed a method for stepwise environmental product declarations suitable for SMEs. – FP7-ENV-2008-1-226563 ENFIRO, 2009-2012 delivers LCA for substitution of brominates flame retardants with non brominates ones. There is no overlapping between these national and international projects with the STABLE project.

Main tasks attributed: synthesis and characterization of ultra-thin plasma polymer layer and polyether surfactant (Task1.1) manufacturing of microstructure lithium anode materials with additives etc (Task 1.2) in WP1; fabrication and characterization of dehydration membrane for air cathode (Task 2.3) in WP2; investigation of existing relevant LCA on lithium air battery (Task 6.1), conduct LCA workshop to generate improvement ideas (Task 6.2) and conduct full LCA of choose cells concept to assess overall environment performance (Task 6.3) in WP6.

Key people involved:

Jessica Orlenius: Lic Eng, MSc Materials Science, is a research engineer in the Ceramic group at Swerea IVF in Mölndal Sweden. Her main working field is development and processing of ceramics and closely related materials.

Philip Karlsson: PhD in materials science specialised in surface chemistry. His fields of interest are solid-liquid interactions and functionalisation of solid surfaces using plasma technology and other techniques. He has worked with academic research and industrial development for many years, mainly in the field of food packaging, pigments and textiles.

Mats Zackrisson: Lic. Eng., M.Sc. has twenty years of experience of environmental management systems and life cycle assessment in a variety of industrial sectors and countries ranging from Swedish white goods producers over global computer manufacturers to textile industry in India. He is the principle author of the article life cycle assessment of lithium ion battery for plug-in hybrid EVs published in Journal of Cleaner Production 2010.

Bengt Hagström: PhD in polymer processing. Expert on polymer processing, polymer physics and polymer melt rheology. He has long industrial experience from polyolefins as skill centre manager at business unit Film within Borealis.

Ola Lyckfeldt: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, since 1989 employed at the Swedish Ceramic Institute, now incorporated with Swerea IVF, as research engineer and project manager in the field of liquid-based powder processing. He has produced 11 reviewed papers in scientific journals, 24 conference proceedings and joined 4 patents.