ELAPHE d. O. O. (Elaphe) – SLOVENIA

Elaphe ltd is a high-tech company based in Technology Park Ljubljana focused at development activities in direct drive in-wheel and near-wheel electric motors for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Elaphe team’s basic activities are theoretical development, prototype production and technical support. They have produced seven generations of prototypes where electromagnetic theory, mechanical design, sensor integration, motor – controller compatibility and other issues were tested. Specific torque of Elaphe motors is above 25 Nm/kg which makes them most suitable for direct drive in-wheel or near-wheel propulsion where they offer:

  • Good driving performance (acceleration, hill-climbing ability);
  • Extended range due to high energy efficiency and low weight;
  • Free space in the vehicle, since the motors are in the wheels.

Elaphe has demonstrated the performance of their electromagnetic topology innovations by integrating the prototypes in an electric bike, scooter and car. In the year 2010 Elaphe extended its operation to include central motor electric car conversions that resulted in electric cars with driving range up to 400km and speeds above 130km/h. Now the key challenge is to bring Elaphe direct drive motor technology into electric cars and up to the safety and durability standards of the automotive industry.

Main tasks attributed: materials and production technique analysis for estimating lithium air cells suitability in WP1, WP2 and WP3; characterization and evaluation of the performance of the cells assembled (Task 5.3) in WP5; end-of-life management of Li-air battery and assessment of their use and recycling (Task 6.4) in WP6.

Elaphe will carry out key tasks for proving the new battery technology in real application. With developed 7 different in-wheels electric motor generations and 10 gasoline cars converted to electric propulsion, Elaphe will include the test of lab-test Li-air battery for the future use in advanced electric cars. In parallel Elaphe will take care of LCA evaluation purpose and guidance of future Lithium air battery technology development.

Key people involved:

Gorazd Lampic: CEO of Elaphe, University degree in Astrophysicist and master degree in electrical engineering by University of Ljubljana, CEO of Elaphe since 2006. He is involved in EVs development for 9 years and mostly focused at direct drive in-wheel electric motor propulsion. He has filed 3 patent applications and led Elaphe to develop several generations of in-wheel motor prototypes as well as managed different local and EU projects. Experienced with complex computer modeling and involved in several LCA projects.

Mrs. Alenka Jeras: COO of Elaphe, economist with 5 year of experience in EVs technologies as project manager. She has detailed knowledge about the field of renewable energies and electric vehicle use.

Gorazd Gotovac: CTO of Elaphe, University degree in physics. Gorazd is an expert in electric motor numerical FEM and analytical simulations and is focused at the analysis of losses and heat transfer in high torque motors. He has already developed several in-wheel motors.

Andrej Pečjak: mechanical engineer, expert in lithium battery technology and a world renowned expert in converting gasoline cars to electric propulsion (Renautl Espace, Renault 5, Mazda RX8, Smart for two, Smart roadster, Dacia Sandero, BYD, Greecav and others…) All these vehicles are powered by Lithium polymer cells, a technology Andrej is very familiar with, since he is also working on their assembly and BMS integration. His skills are of crucial importance for integration, design and compatibility analysis as well as durability.